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About Rent Roll Maximiser

When you own a Real Estate Agency, the Property Management Department shouldn’t be the cause of frustration or financial loss

If you are tired of watching this part of your business drain your profits and consume far too much of your time, Rent Roll Maximiser is here to help

The simple goal is to work with you and your Leadership Team, to show you how to spend less time and effort directly in the Property Management Department, whilst creating better cash flow, profitability and increased asset value

This is achieved by training your team, implementing ‘Agency Best Practice Principles’ and introducing a structured growth & fee maximisation strategy to help you get the most out of your existing Staff and resources. The strategies are relatively simple to implement but will make a massive difference to your business

Michael Furlong Solves
Property Management Problems!

We implement proven systems & processes to help Agency Principals, Directors & Leaders Maximise the Full Potential of their Rent Roll both today, and when they choose to sell!
Highly Recommended Industry Expert

I have been in the Real Estate industry for over 20 years and have hands-on experience as an Agency Principal

Tailored Advice

Although most Agencies have the same pain points, around growth, Staff, profitability, risk, the solution I provide is specifically tailored to suit your office environment & demographic

You Don’t Know
What You Don’t Know

Identify the areas that are dragging down the overall performance of your rent roll and learn what is holding your team back

Boost Value

Build the value of your rent roll so you can grow your profits or prepare for a successful sale

Transform Your Profits

Tired of losing money through your Rental Properties? Let’s find ways to reverse those losses

Full Confidentiality

I provide private rent roll consulting services with complete discretion

The Support You Need To Achieve Your Business Goals

Rent Roll Maximiser – Core Objective!

Work with the “Business Owners & Key Decision Makers” within a Real Estate Agency, to “make more money” with less time & effort”, by “implementing Agency Best Practice Principles” to “get the most” out of their existing “Team and Resources”

Make More Money with Less Effort!

Who I Help

The Key Stakeholders I work with include:

  1. New Employee
    We look at the business through the eyes of a brand-new Staff Member who has recently joined your Agency
  2. Existing Staff
    We look at the business through the eyes of your existing Team, which impacts the Staff Retention and Recruitment
  3. Landlord / RRP Customers
    We look at the business from a Landlord / Residential Rental Provider Customer’s perspective and their experience when dealing with your Agency
  4. Tenant / Renters Customers
    We look at the business from a Tenant / Renters perspective & their experience when dealing with your Agency
  5. Business Owners / Stakeholders / Partners
    We look at the business through the eyes of the Business Owners, Partners and Key Stakeholders
  6. Exit Strategy / Potential Buyers
    We look at the business through the eyes of a prospective Purchaser
Improve Your Customer Experience
  • Better Transparency
  • Increased Services
  • Better Experiences
  • Instant Access to Information
  • Better Communication
  • Helpful Data
  • 24/7 Service
  • Community
  • Confirmation that they are Truly Valued

Meet Michael Furlong

Real Estate Business Systems Consultant
& Property Management Trainer

Michael started his journey in the Real Estate industry with a single investment property purchase in 1998. Intrigued by the process and frustrated by the lack of customer service he experienced, he transitioned from his existing career to become a Buyers Advocate, working with investors and then an Agency Principal himself focusing primarily on sales & project marketing

After realising the problem of high Staff, Renter and Investor turnover was endemic to the Property Management sector, Michael identified the issues in his own business, were a lack of systems, standards, training, knowledge & strategy that was costing him thousands of dollars each month to keep the doors open, and making him question “was it really worth all the effort?”

Whether it’s Corporate & Franchise Group Training, In-office Training, Presenting at Conferences or Direct Real Estate Consulting, the Rent Roll Maximiser team works with some of the Industry’s best brands across Australia & New Zealand

Want to find out how the Rent Roll Maximiser Consultancy & Training Program can take any Real Estate Agency from Chaos to an Award-Winning Culture in just 90-120 Days?

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